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WDW .loc file
(Text file of waypoints for all the Walt Disney World benchmarks)

ID Location Engraved
Latitude Longitude Reports/
Photos by
DAK-1 Bus stop #11
N28 21.180
W81 35.410
DAK-2 AK parking lot
N28 21.185
W81 35.210
Nick, Andy
DAK-3 Bus stop #14
N28 21.169
W81 35.442
DAK-4 Rainforest Cafe
N28 21.294
W81 35.418

Our first AK benchmark! Many thanks to Lloyd for finding this one near bus stop #11. JJ contributed a photo of it taken a few months later, in May, 2004. Because of the recent addition of Pop Century and Saratoga Springs, the bus stops were reassigned and stop #11 now goes to different hotels than when Lloyd took his photos. Link to waymark.

Animal Kingdom bus stop #11

Copyright 2004 Lloyd Lee-Lim.
All rights reserved.

AK bus stop #11 location

Copyright 2004 Lloyd Lee-Lim.
All rights reserved.

Another view of DAK-1

Nick has found a second survey mark at Animal Kingdom. Well, in the parking lot, anyway. Are all the ones in the park itself hidden by foliage? Let me know if you find one! Anyway, this one is on a sidewalk on the north side of the parking lot, beside the Peacock 3 row. Link to waymark.

Andy provided another view of this mark in a photo he took in October, 2015.

Animal Kingdom parking lot

Copyright 2004 Nicholas J. Enicks.
All rights reserved.

Parking lot mark

Copyright 2015 Andy Hatzos.
All rights reserved.

JJ contributed this photo of another benchmark in the Animal Kingdom bus stop area. This one is near stop 14, the stop for buses to the TTC. The second photo shows the locations of both DAK-1 and DAK-3. Link to waymark.

Animal Kingdom bus stop #14

Marks DAK-1 and DAK-3

Nick found this one between the security check and the turnstiles, near the entrance to Rainforest Cafe. The sign in the picture is the restaurant's menu display. This one has the number PI-1611201 stamped on it. Link to waymark.

Rainforest Cafe entrance

Copyright 2004 Nicholas J. Enicks.
All rights reserved.

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