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Here's information about a number of Canadian television one-hour dramas from the 1990s (and now the 2000s!) that are either currently in production or at least still airing occasionally in the U.S. or Canada. Some of them are my personal favorites; a few are ones I've never even seen. My two favorite shows are at the top, followed by the others in alphabetical order.

Please see a couple of additional notes at the bottom of this page.

Hot News!

April 16 - The GMC channel in the U.S. has picked up "Heartland." GMC is airing two episodes a week back to back. The first airings are on Thursday, with a few repeats of each pair. GMC is available on DirecTV, FiOS, and some cable systems. You can see a complete list of who carries it on the GMC website. They've also put up a dedicated "Heartland" page.

January 30 - "The Listener" will have its Season 2 premiere on CTV on Tuesday, February 8. The press release from CTV makes no mention of when or even whether the show will return to NBC in the U.S.

January 26 - CTV has given "Flashpoint" the coveted post-Super Bowl timeslot this year. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Season 3 finale of the series will air after the game on Sunday, February 6. Season 4 will premiere this summer.

January 22 - Wow, two updates in one week! I'm on a roll! :-) Since I'm here, I've updated the airing information for the shows on this page.

There's good news for U.S. fans of Toronto-based "Flashpoint." CBS has ordered more episodes and will bring the show back this summer. Here's where it gets a bit confusing: the CBS airings will run for a couple of months, then the show will move over to the CBS-owned ION network. (You may not be familiar with ION; it's a small network that used to be the religion-focused PAX network. But most areas of the U.S. do have an ION affiliate.) ION will begin by rerunning all of the older episodes of the series, then when they run out of ones that aired on CBS, they'll show the new ones. Got that? The thing to remember for now is "CBS, summer." You can deal with the rest later. :-) TV Guide's website has a story on the deal.

Season 4 of "Murdoch Mysteries" will premiere on CityTV on March 16, 2011.

By the way, I'm keeping up on "Blackstone" and "Heartland" news on my North of 60 page, because both shows have Nof60 alumni in them, and "Heartland" is produced by SEVEN24 Films (formerly Alberta Filmworks). So c'mon over to that page for more information on those shows. "Blackstone" premieres this week on APTN and Showcase.

Variety reported recently that ABC has commissioned a U.S. version of "Being Erica." (Yes, even though the original Canadian series runs on SoapNet.) The Futon Critic website is a good place to stay up to date on any further developments with this project.

January 19, 2011 - I'm not really updating this site any more, but I thought I'd pass along that, in the wake of CBS pulling "The Bridge" from its schedule, CTV has canceled the show. There was an article in the Hollywood Reporter about it.

The Shows

North of 60

My "North of 60" site

A richly textured Canadian series about life in a small native village in the Northwest Territories, North of 60 originally aired on CBC in Canada. It ended in December, 1997, after six seasons. See my North of 60 page for the latest news on the show (including the current air schedule) and on other activities of North of 60 stars. En français: Au nord du 60e.

Due South

William and Elyse's excellent fan site

Due South is a drama/comedy about a Mountie from the northern wilds of Canada who finds himself stationed in Chicago. If you've never seen this delightful show, be sure to give it a try! The show is no longer in production, but the existing episodes often rerun in Canada. En français: Direction Sud.

(Yes, the inclusion of DS in this list violates my stated criteria for this page, because the show pretended to take place in Chicago and was co-produced with a U.S. network. But the show's main character is Canadian, and much of its charm comes from Canadian/U.S. culture clashes, so it actually has quite a bit of Canadian content. Besides, it's a great show. :-) )

The Associates
JAM TV articles

This drama about young lawyers ran for two seasons (2001-2002) on CTV.


See "Road to Avonlea"

Being Erica

JAM TV articles

Erin Karpluk stars in this CBC series about a young woman who is given a chance to redo some of her crucial life moments by a mysterious man named Dr. Tom (Michael Riley). The show also airs on SoapNet in the U.S. There may also be a U.S.-made version of the show on ABC in the 2011-12 season; keep an eye on the Futon Critic website for more information.

Black Harbour

This series from the creators of North of 60 revolves around a Los Angeles family that moves back to the wife's hometown in Nova Scotia (where the series was filmed). Rebecca Jenkins plays the prodigal daughter, and Geraint Wyn Davies of "Forever Knight" plays her out-of-work movie-director husband.

Blue Murder
JAM TV articles

A show about Toronto detectives who specialize in high-profile murder cases. En français: En Quête de Preuves.

The Border


This taut show follows the efforts of the Immigration and Customs Security agency to protect Canada's, well, borders. It ran for three seasons on CBC, ending in early 2010. En français: The Border, haute surveillance.

The Bridge

CBS media site
The Futon Critic

This was a CTV/CBS midseason series in Spring 2010. CTV decided not to make any more episodes after CBS dropped it.

Cold Squad
JAM TV articles

The detectives in this Vancouver-based police drama are in charge of investigating "cold" cases--ones that have gone unsolved for a long time. The series ended in 2005 after seven seasons on CTV. In the U.S., it has aired on Sleuth and in syndication. En français: Brigade spéciale.

The Collector

Official website

A supernatural drama about a man who helps people right the wrongs they've done in their lives before the Devil collects on the souls they've promised him. The show ran for three seasons beginning in 2004.

Da Vinci's Inquest & Da Vinci's City Hall

Official website (Canada)
Official website (U.S.)
JAM TV articles (DVI) (DVCH)

A gritty drama about the coroner's office in Vancouver, B.C., Da Vinci's Inquest ran for seven seasons on CBC. En français: Coroner Da Vinci.

In Fall 2005, DVI began airing in syndication in the U.S. Last I checked (January 2010), it was still running! If you aren't sure whether it's carried in your area, try searching the online listings at Zap2It.

Following in the footsteps of his real-life inspiration, Dominic Da Vinci moved from the coroner's department to the mayor's office. However, his tenure in the office didn't last as long as Larry Campbell's did...In February, 2006, the first and only season of DVCH completed its run on CBC. (There has also been one followup movie, "The Quality of Life.") In the U.S., the City Hall episodes run not as a separately named series, but as part of the syndicated airings of Da Vinci's Inquest. En français: Le Maire Da Vinci.

Durham County
The Movie Network
Movie Central
JAM TV articles

A dark psychological drama that's sort of a cross between Twin Peaks and Criminal Minds, Durham County features a continuing story each season. It airs on The Movie Network and Movie Central in Canada, and has been on ION Television in the U.S.

Eleventh Hour
JAM TV articles

CTV's drama about an investigative TV show went off the air in 2005. It has run under the name Bury the Lead on Sleuth in the U.S. (A British series with the same name was created in 2005, and a U.S. version of that series ran in the 2008-2009 TV season. They are not related to this one.)

Emily of New Moon

Becky's fan site

A family drama based on the writings of Lucy Maud Montgomery, Emily is about an orphaned girl trying to keep her imagination and individuality alive in a sometimes stifling environment. The show is set in the 1890s and was filmed on location on Prince Edward Island.


This show is about the news department at a Toronto television station. It ran from 1989 to 1994.


CTV website
JAM TV articles

Flashpoint focuses on an elite police unit in Toronto that responds to hostage situations. The series has been airing on both CTV and CBS. Look for it to come back in the States in Summer 2010.

Forever Knight


The series is about Toronto detective Nick Knight, who appears to be in his 30s, but is actually over 800 years old. That's because he's a vampire--but one who's trying to atone for all the killing he did. Geraint Wyn Davies stars, along with an excellent cast of regulars and guest stars. The show also aired on CBS when it was first released. In the U.S., its current home is Chiller TV.

The Guard

Set in British Columbia, Global's The Guard follows the lives of several Coast Guard members. It also ran for a while on ION TV in the U.S.


U.S. site
JAM TV articles

This family drama about an Alberta ranch is still going strong on CBC. It is also now airing in syndication in the U.S. Check the show's U.S. website for more information, including stations and times.


Official website
JAM TV articles

Created by Chris Haddock, the man behind Da Vinci's Inquest, and starring Ian Tracey as a Vancouver crime boss, this series was canceled after two seasons on CBC. En français: Intelligences.

The Listener

Official website
JAM TV articles

CTV's series about an EMT who can read minds aired simultaneously on NBC in the summer of 2009. NBC actually pulled the show a few episodes before the season ended (although they are available for viewing on the NBC website), but the show did well at home and overseas, so it may yet return in Canada.

Murdoch Mysteries

CityTV's delightful detective show--think "CSI: 1890"--is based on Maureen Jennings' novels about Toronto detective Willam Murdoch. It also airs in syndication on some public television stations in the U.S. En français: Les Enquetes de Murdoch.

Neon Rider

An early '90s drama about a ranch for delinquent teenagers.

Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy

Adventure/romance set on a cattle ranch in British Columbia during the 1940s, based on the reminiscences of rancher Rich Hobson. The series ran on CBC for two seasons (1999-2000).


Official website

Scientists at a lab called NorBAC attempt to head off bad effects from biotechnology advances.

Reruns can be seen in Canada on Showcase. ReGenesis is also airing in the U.S. Because it's syndicated rather than being on a cable/satellite channel, airtimes vary, so check your local listings. En français: Alerte au Virus.

Road to Avonlea

Official website
JAM TV articles

This classic Canadian series, which ran for seven seasons, is based on books by Lucy Maud Montgomery about life on Prince Edward Island in the early 1900s. It's been known as "Avonlea" in the U.S. I think Parliament passed a bill requiring its perpetual airing in Canada, so check the listings for the current schedule. :-) (Yes, I'm kidding about the bill, but I really do doubt that it ever goes off the air in Canada.)

Street Legal

My episode list

The trials--so to speak--and tribulations of a small Toronto law firm. The show ran from 1986 to 1994. (Note: if you see listings for "Street Legal" on APTN, that's a different series created in New Zealand.)

This is Wonderland

A young lawyer finds herself caught up in the frustration, poignancy, and humor of the Toronto justice system. The series ended in March, 2006 after three seasons on CBC. Bold and TAC are currently airing it. En français: Le Merveilleux Monde d'Alice.

Tom Stone
JAM TV articles

This CBC series about a mismatched duo of crimefighters (an RCMP corporal sent to Calgary after making enemies in Toronto, and a local ex-cop she gets out of jail in return for his help) ran for two seasons in 2002 and 2003.


Life in the fast lane at a Toronto investment bank. The series ended in March, 2000 on the Global network in Canada. En français: Haute Finance.

Wild Roses


This Alberta-based drama about an oil family debuted on CBC in January, 2009, and was cancelled after one season.

Wind at My Back

Official website
My episode guide
JAM TV articles

This family drama from the producers of Road to Avonlea follows the lives of a young widow and her children in northern Ontario during the Great Depression. The fifth and final season aired on CBC during the 2000-2001 season.

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Here are some more web pages you might enjoy!

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The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television has created a comprehensive, easy-to-use database of nominees and winners for the Gemini (television) and Genie (cinema) awards.


This page features shows that are made primarily for the Canadian market, although an increasing number of them are being picked up by U.S. broadcast and cable networks. Information about made-for-export shows such as "Stargate: Atlantis" is readily available elsewhere. I've also decided to focus on shows that recognizably take place in Canada (even if the town is fictional), rather than those that are indeterminate--or fake American--in their settings. But I'm not entirely consistent about those rules, so feel free to drop me a note if you think I've overlooked a show that deserves to be listed here.

Because I'm updating this page so rarely now, I'm not giving schedule information for any series. However, I do indicate which shows have aired in the U.S. and on which channels, to help American viewers find them. (No such guidance is needed for Canadian viewers, because all of these shows are bound to air again on Canadian channels sooner or later.) I recommend Zap2It or TV Guide for schedules. The Internet Movie Database is also good about indicating airtimes for specific shows. And they have discussion forums. Use the links I've provided to the IMDb pages of your favorite shows. Note that some shows are also available on French-language stations in Canada; when they have different names, I've given the ones I know about in the individual show descriptions so you can search the listings for those.

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