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"North of 60" is an ensemble drama about the fictional native community
of Lynx River, Northwest Territories, Canada. The show aired on CBC
from 1992 to 1997 and was followed by several TV movies.

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North of 60 page on iTunes Canada

No, you aren't seeing things: that really is "North of 60" on iTunes! The entire series was released on June 25, 2018.'s only on iTunes Canada. Great news for our northern neighbors, but we still need a solution here in the States. Please see my note below about Acorn TV. Meanwhile, tell your friends in Canada about the show's availability on iTunes. (It's also still airing on APTN.)

The Acorn TV streaming service has a web page where you can suggest shows for them to buy. Acorn is available in both the U.S. and Canada, and because of the types of shows they already feature, I think Nof60 would fit right in. Please go to the Acorn TV Show Request page and ask them to carry Nof60!

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Cabin in Lynx River


The latest information about Nof60 DVD releases

As of June 2018, "North of 60" is now available on iTunes Canada. You can purchase the whole series, individual seasons, or even individual episodes. (The movies are not available.)

I think the best bet for U.S. fans to see the show again is the Acorn TV streaming service, which is available both here and in Canada. Acorn already carries several Canadian shows, including "Murdoch Mysteries" and "Republic of Doyle," so I think that "North of 60" would fit right in.

If you'd like to urge Acorn to pick up Nof60, please go to this page:

Acorn TV Show Request

You can also post a comment on their Facebook page.

RCMP truck in front of Lynx River band hall


Answers to frequently asked questions about Nof60
See the FAQ for answers to several questions about the show and its castmembers.

Houses in Lynx River

Episode Guides
& Other Lists

Essential North of 60 reference information

I've written three different North of 60 episode lists and guides. Choose the one that meets your needs!

  • North of 60 Episode List: Years, episode numbers, and episode titles only

  • North of 60 Extended Episode List: Same as the basic list plus writers and directors

  • North of 60 Episode Guide: All of the above information plus descriptions of each episode, including its main actors

    I also have two other lists available:

  • Complete cast list for every episode of the series.

  • Gemini nominations and awards that the show received over its six seasons. For information about other Canadian shows, see my Canadian dramas page.

  • The Lynx River and gravel beds along its edges

    TV Movies

    News about the North of 60 TV movies
    The first North of 60 TV movie, entitled "In the Blue Ground," aired on CBC in March, 1999. "Trial by Fire" premiered in January, 2000. "Dream Storm" was broadcast in October, 2001. "Another Country" aired in February, 2003. "Distant Drumming" premiered in January, 2005.

    Click to see more information about the first five North of 60 movies.

    Sign at RCMP detachment in Lynx River

    Cast & Characters

    Information about Lynx River residents and visitors
    Want to know who played a recurring role on Nof60, or who the guest star was in a specific episode? Then visit my "Cast & Characters" page. Or click on one of the links below to go to the specified section.

  • Main characters
  • Other regular and recurring characters
  • Guest stars

    I also have a complete cast list for every episode of the series.

    See my "In Memoriam" page for information about Nof60 actors who have passed away.

  • Michelle Kenidi's house


    Transcripts of my chats with North of 60 cast and crew members.
    I've been lucky enough to visit the Nof60 set three times to interview cast and crew members. I've also conducted some additional interviews by telephone. Here's what's available:

  • Nathaniel Arcand (2002)

  • Simon Baker (2003) (includes video greeting)

  • Lawrence Bayne (2000) (2002)
    -- A greeting from Lawrence to Nof60 fans

  • "Distant Drumming" director and Nof60 photographer Dean Bennett (2003)

  • Corporal Brian Fletcher himself, Robert Bockstael (2010)

  • Tina Louise Bomberry (2002) (2003)
    -- A greeting from Tina Louise to Nof60 fans

  • Director and Alberta Filmworks co-founder Randy Bradshaw (2002)

  • Lorne Cardinal (2002)

  • Tracey Cook (2000)

  • Producer and Alberta Filmworks co-founder Tom Cox (2000) (2002)
    -- A greeting from Tom to Nof60 fans

  • Stacey Stewart Curtis (2000)

  • Peter Kelley Gaudreault (2001)

  • Nof60 co-creator Wayne Grigsby (2000)

  • "Another Country" director Gary Harvey (2002)

  • Jimmy Herman (2002)

  • Michael Horse (2002)
    -- A greeting from Michael to Nof60 fans

  • Nof60 filming site caretakers/security personnel Truman Hoszouski and Sharon Fogarty (2002)

  • Dakota House (2002) (2003) (includes video greeting)

  • Tom Jackson (2003) (includes video greeting)

  • Tina Keeper (2000) (2002) (2003) (includes video greeting)
    -- A greeting from Tina to Nof60 fans

  • "Another Country" and "Distant Drumming" guest star George Leach (2003)

  • Makeup artist Al Magallon (2000)

  • Lubomir Mykytiuk (2000) (2002) (2003)
    -- A greeting from Lubo to Nof60 fans

  • Wilma Pelly (2000) (2002) (2003)
    -- A greeting from Wilma to Nof60 fans

  • "Distant Drumming" guest star Jennifer Podemski (2003)

  • "Distant Drumming" guest star Ken Pogue (2003)

  • Nof60 producer Jordy Randall (2002)

  • "Another Country" guest star Hugh Thompson (2002)

  • Michelle Thrush (2002) (2010)
    -- A greeting from Michelle to Nof60 fans

  • Timothy Webber (2002) (2003)
    -- A greeting from Tim to Nof60 fans

  • "Another Country" guest star Ron White (2002)

  • Screenwriter Andrew Wreggit (2001)

    In addition, Montreal journalist Hélèna Katz interviewed John Bean (formerly known as John Oliver) in January, 2001 and kindly provided excerpts for my website.

    And not actually an interview, but I ran into Tina Keeper, Gordon Tootoosis, and Tantoo Cardinal at the American Indian Film Festival in November, 2004, and have posted a report with photos.

    20th Anniversary

    A number of people associated with North of 60 kindly agreed to provide reminiscences of the show on the occasion of its 20th anniversary in December, 2012. You can find all of those comments linked from my 20th Anniversary page.

  • Outside of the store in Lynx River

    Fun & Games

    North of 60 miscellany
    Lynx River map

    Want to see where Nof60 was filmed? Google Maps has:
  • High-resolution satellite views
  • Google Street View photos of the road that passes by the site

    North of 60 history

    When Larry Busch was in the RCMP, he became the force's technical advisor for North of 60. As you may expect, he has some fascinating stories to tell about that. Larry wrote an article about his experiences for the RCMP magazine, which published part of it, but he has kindly provided the entire article for readers of this website. Click here to download a PDF of the article. (Please do not post the article on any other websites without Larry's permission.)

    Fan map

    Where do Nof60 fans live? Check out my North of 60 fan map to find out! If you have Javascript enabled in your browser, you can click on a state or province to see the names of the fans who've reported in from that location. (Sorry, I am no longer updating the map.)


    Try your luck at these North of 60 quizzes developed by Helena Katz and me. There are some spoilers in the answers (although not major ones), so you may not want to read them unless you've seen the whole series.

  • Quiz #1: Who's in Town?
  • Quiz #2: Love and Betrayal
  • Quiz #3: Red Serge
  • Quiz #4: Crossovers


    Click here to see translations of some of the written Slavey that appeared under the opening credits of Trial by Fire.

  • Lynx River cemetery


    "Lynx River" and related photos contributed by fans
    I've put all the set photos contributed by Nof60 fans on a separate photos page. There are also some photos of the actual Canadian north.

    Here are some high-resolution photos of "Lynx River" that you're welcome to use on your computer desktop.

    Band hall
  • 1920x1200 pixels
  • Store and church
  • 1920x1200 pixels
  • Rapids and Sun rock
  • 1920x1200 pixels
  • 1280x1024 pixels
  • 1280x1024 pixels
  • 1280x1024 pixels
  • 1280x854 pixels
  • 1280x854 pixels
  • 1280x1024 pixels
  • 1024x768 pixels
  • 1024x768 pixels
  • 1024x768 pixels

  • Flood Photos and Lynx River Map

    In June, 2005, several rivers in the Calgary area raged over their banks. There was extensive damage to the North of 60 set southwest of Calgary along the Elbow River. You can see flood reports and photos on my 2005 Flood page. The page includes a map showing which areas of Lynx River were affected by the floodwaters. As a companion to the flood map, I've posted a regular map of Lynx River.

    In June, 2013, the Elbow River (and other rivers in the Calgary area) flooded again. I have therefore created a 2013 Flood page with information and photos.

    RCMP truck in front of the Lynx River RCMP detachment


    More information about Nof60-related topics
  • Professor Mary Jane Miller, a member of the Nof60 Yahoo Group, has written several books about Canadian television. Her latest is Outside Looking In: Viewing First Nations Peoples in Canadian Dramatic Television Series, available from McGill-Queen's University Press. This is a fascinating discussion of how Native people are represented in shows such as The Beachcombers, The Rez, and of course, North of 60. The latter show gets five chapters in the book! There's even mention of our Yahoo Group list and this website. :-)

  • Professor Miller also wrote an interesting analysis of Dream Storm that she kindly allowed me to post on this site.

  • Tom Jackson's website includes information about his annual holiday charity concerts.

  • The JAM TV website has a collection of North of 60 newspaper stories.

  • Several hundred films created by the National Film Board of Canada are available on their website. Among them is one with Tina Keeper called "For Angela". It's a 20-minute movie about a mother who takes action when she and her daughter are harassed by three white teenage boys on a bus. There's even a brief talk at the end of the video by the woman this actually happened to. There's also a downloadable classroom guide to accompany the movie should you know of (or be) a teacher who would like to screen the film and have a discussion about prejudicial beliefs. (If you browse the NFB site, please let me know if you find any other videos that feature Nof60 actors.)

  • The Government of the Northwest Territories website says that Fort Liard was the inspiration for Lynx River.

  • Want to find out more about your favorite native actors from Canada and the U.S.? Check out Annie's great NativeCelebs website and her page of Nof60 links.

  • The Encyclopedia of Television on the Museum of Broadcast Communications website includes specific pages about a number of Canadian shows. Prof. Miller wrote the page about North of 60.

  • Prof. Miller's essay on Canadian Television Programming in English is on the same site.

  • See the Canadian Screenwriter website for a very interesting interview with Nof60 co-creator Wayne Grigsby. The site also has interviews with North of 60 writers Peter Lauterman, Rob Forsyth, and Stacey Kaser.

  • Canadian artist Virginia Boulay has done a lovely painting of Sun Rock and the Elbow (Lynx) River. You can contact her through her website about ordering a print.

  • Patty Winter sitting on Sun Rock on the edge of Lynx River

    About me

    How I got interested in North of 60
    I've had a lot of questions over the years about how someone from California ended up running a website about a Canadian television show. Actually, many of you probably don't even realize that I'm not in Canada! Nor am I a transplanted Canadian. I'm a native Californian who has never lived closer to Canada than Marin County.

    Here's how it started. Back in 1994, CBS Television began airing a show co-produced with CTV in Canada called "Due South." Created by Paul Haggis, the show captured me with its wit (including wry comments about U.S./Canadian relations), its interesting characters, and its enjoyable stories.

    I joined a "Due South" discussion list on the Internet and subscribed to a Usenet group about the show. At some point, one of my fellow listmembers mentioned another Canadian TV series that was also excellent, also about Mounties, and also produced by Alliance Atlantis. I asked whether she could send me a videotape with a few sample episodes. The rest, as they say, is history. :-) (If I recall correctly, the first episode I ever saw was "Moonlight Sonata.")

    When I found out that CBC co-owned a cable/satellite channel in the U.S. that aired Nof60 and other Canadian dramas (it was called Trio), I ran out and bought a DirecTV system. (Trio was sold in 2000, and its programming changed the following year.)

    Somewhere along the line, I realized that the official Nof60 website ( was only posting descriptions of the most recent episodes, so I began writing my own episode guide. Then in 1998, the official site disappeared entirely. By that time, I had started my own site to keep fans updated on news that wasn't being posted on the official site. So with the demise of that site, mine became the go-to place for Nof60 information. (In 2000, another official website was launched at; it went away in 2007. In 2003, I was able to obtain the domain and point it to my site so that fans who saw the URL in the closing credits of the show would end up where they could get Nof60 news. I let lapse in 2016 because hardly anyone was still visiting it.)

    In 1999, a Vancouver Nof60 fan named Anna started a Yahoo Group to discuss the show. I joined a couple of weeks later. In 2000, Anna handed over the reins of the group to Lonnie Cruse, Nancy Duemling, and me. Lonnie was subsequently replaced by Kelly Tucker, who still helps Nancy and me with the group. (See the button at the top of this page to join.)

    In 2000, I made contact with the publicist for the show, Fran Humphreys. She ended up inviting me to visit the set during the filming of "Dream Storm." I later returned for "Another Country" and "Distant Drumming." You can see the results of those trips in the Interviews and Photos sections of this page.

    Search Patty's North of 60 site:

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